Don't Let a Faulty Transmission Take You Off the Road

Don't Let a Faulty Transmission Take You Off the Road

Schedule transmission repair services in Charlottesville, VA

A transmission that works properly is essential for a fully functioning vehicle. Since your transmission moves power from the engine to the wheels, it can cause all kinds of problems once it stops working exactly as it should. Turn to A1 Towing & Auto Repair if you need transmission repair services.

Our auto repair mechanic has been working on transmissions in cars, heavy-duty trucks and RVs for decades. You can rest assured that we know your transmission inside and out and can rebuild and repair your transmission to make it work effectively.

Contact us to arrange for transmission repair services in North Garden, Batesville, White Hall, Covesville, Crozet, Greenwood, Keene or Charlottesville, VA.

Signs your vehicle needs professional repairs

You'll know your car has an obvious problem if it breaks down suddenly. But there are many warning signs of transmission problems that can help you avoid a disaster. Bring your vehicle to our auto shop if you notice...

  • Your overdrive light is stuck on or flashing
  • Your transmission temperature light or check engine lights are on
  • Your vehicle isn't shifting properly or "slips" when shifting
  • Your car doesn't shift from park into gear smoothly

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